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Cost Comparison: Metal vs. Asphalt Roof

23 Jan, 2017
comparison asphalt roof to metal roof

Mike Holmes, HGTV’s acclaimed construction expert posted the following cost comparison between metal roofing and asphalt roofing to his Facebook page, recently:

“In my experience, I see a lot of low quality shingles last less than they should. In the long term, I don’t want to replace my roof multiple times in 50 years. The hassle alone isn’t worth it.” – Mike Holmes

This is precisely the same information we like to share with all those inquiring about installing a metal roof on their home. With a 50 year warranty and financing available, we guarantee a metal roof outlasts any asphalt roof. Furthermore, metal roofing is more energy efficient so you’ll also realize savings in heating and cooling costs. Finally, as you can see from the cost comparison above, asphalt roofing costing upwards of 60% more than metal in the long run.

See the original post here.

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