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Why Metal

A metal roof does not need to make your home look like a barn. Western Metal Roofs are distinctive in look and can be installed over one existing layer of shingle roofing material. Each distinctive roof is hand crafted from the most energy efficient metals and coated with energy saving HI-R Kynar finishes. Because the roofs save thousands of energy dollars and are designed to last hundreds of years, they instantly increase the resale value of your home.

Each roof is designed to protect your home from the elements of the weather with patented positive locking panels, Hi-reach leak free flashing, triple valleys and Ventilation systems. Your roof is backed by warranties for material, labor, energy.


Metal Roofing Benefits


Fantastically Beautiful

Our hand crafted metal roofs add a touch of class and distinction to your home that can not be achieved with asphalt shingles.

Extremely Energy Efficient

Combine the energy efficiency of a metal Roof with the Heat reflectivity of HI-R Kynar finishes and you have a roof that will save you thousands of air conditioning dollars.

Lasts Hundreds of Years

Unlike today’s traditional shingles that need to be replaced every 10-12 years, Western Metal Roofs are virtually indestructible lasting the life of your building.

Snow Slides Off

Western Metal Roofs are designed to allow the snow to slide off when the temperature rises to 5 degrees celsius. This eliminates the need to shovel your roof.

Increase Your Home Value – Instantly!

According to Remodeling magazine you can expect to add more than 60% of the value of the roof to your home instantly.

Costs Far Less Over Time than Asphalt

Western Metal Roofs have non-prorated warranties and will out last 10 asphalt roofs. A Western Metal Roof proves to be a smart decision.

Environmentally Clean

Western Metal Roofs are designed to go over an existing layer of shingle roofing material. This eliminates the need of removing the roof and throwing it into a landfill. 96% of an Western Metal Roof is made from recycled materials. In a couple hundred years, when the roof has done its job the entire roof is recyclable.

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Is a Metal Roof Right for Me?

Temporary asphalt shingles need replacing every 8-15 years, making them very costly over time.
A permanent Western Metal Roof may last 100 years, saving thousands of dollars and no headaches.

Asphalt shingles quickly deteriorate and become an eye sore due to streaking, curling and de-granulation.
A Western Metal roof maintains its beauty for a lifetime and will not rust, crack, mildew or rot.

Fading begins on an asphalt roof the day it is installed.
A Western metal roof has a 30 year fade resistant warranty on its paint application.

Asphalt are prone to blow off due to poor design.
Western metal roofs interlock on all four sides and pass UL 580 testing guaranteed at 120 mph.

Asphalt shingles require on-going maintenance.
When correctly installed, a Western metal roof is maintenance free.

Over 350 million tons of asphalt shingles are discarded in landfills every year.
A Western metal roof has 25% recycled aluminum content – making it extremely eco-friendly.

Asphalt shingles bring little to no curb appeal to the resale of your home.
A Western metal roof brings significant curb appeal to your home- separating you from your neighbors.

Resale value of an asphalt roof is zero.
National resale of a Western metal roof is 85.9%. (Metal Roofing Alliance Magazine).

Asphalt shingles absorb heat during summer months – increasing your air conditioning bills.
Metal roofs reflect heat – decreasing your cooling cost by 20-25% compared to asphalt.

Most asphalt product warranties are prorated 5 years, leaving homeowners with minimal protection.
Western metal roofing product warranty is non-prorated for as long as you own your home.

Most Labor warranties for asphalt shingles are prorated and rarely exceed 5 years.
Western metal roofing labor is warranty for 15 years.

Asphalt manufactures rarely carry transferrable warranties on their products.
A Western meal roof carries a 50-year transferable warranty at no cost to the homeowners.

Most Asphalt shingles have a Class I Hail Rating.
A Western metal roof has a IV Hail Rating: (The highest impact rating for hail.)

Asphalt shingles are cheap to install the first time around.
Metal roofs are cheaper than asphalt shingles when considering just the next 20 years.

Asphalt roofs are not Class “A” Fire Rated.
Metal roofs are Class “A” Fire Rated.

Asphalt roofs do not shed snow quickly enough – making shoveling your roof a dangerous proposition.
Metal roofs shed snow quickly – so shoveling equates to safety for homeowners.

Read what the experts have to say:

“When it comes to shingles, the drawbacks center on service life. While asphalt shingles come with warranties ranging from 20 to as long as 45 years, roofers and builders remain skeptical of those warranties. Since warranties are a marketing device, they are not a reliable predictor of lifespan. In the past decade, there have been many complaints of asphalt shingle failure long before warranties expired. Many homeowners have been dissatisfied with warranty payouts that didn’t cover all the costs of repair or replacement as well.” – Bob Vila

Read what Asphalt Shingle Manufacturers Say:

“Due to the severity of the roof environment, even a one year old roof may look different from a roof that was just installed. While you may have first noticed the cracks or blistering from the ladder as you were cleaning the gutters, please be mindful that these normal weathering characteristics may not be visible when you view your roof from your front lawn or driveway.” The Lifecycle of Your Roof, Copyright 1999 Certainteed Corp.

Read what Roofing Consultants Say:

“The pressures placed on large, public companies to maintain profitability brought forward good old American ingenuity, reduce fiberglass mat weight (fibers were expensive) and increase filler content (asphalt was also expensive)…” Dwain Bouton, President, Certified Roofing Consultant

Read what Laboratory Testing Facilities Say:

“Failed shingles that we have tested contain approximately 30% asphalt by weight. New shingles contain less than 25%. This asphalt is mixed with sand and fine mineral matter and then has granules embedded in it. There is no separate asphalt binder for the filler. What coating exists on the back of the shingle appears to have bled through the mat from the top side during manufacturing. No wonder shingles “weep” water after only a few years.” Richard Tippet, Applied Roofing Technology

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